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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: Eye, Eye, Eye

“He definitely sees the world a lot differently, both physically and emotionally, because the things he experienced that night are really traumatic in the first place”, the actor admitted. KABOOM! An explosion came out of nowhere wiping out the gang of goons, reducing them to nothing more than a smouldering pile of decapitated bodies.

Thankfully, with a welcome assist from Daryl (Norman Reedus), the rest of the group remained intact through the night, thanks in part to his recently acquired rocket launcher.
How will Negan respond after his henchman, The Saviors, were blown to bits by Daryl?
In episode 9, Ron picks up a gun and points it at Rick after watching him hack off his mom’s hand. Sam cracks under pressure and starts making noises due to which he is attacked by the zombies. So while slipping through the walkers, Carol’s horrifying stories about the “monsters” came to mind and he panics.
Its Rick’s feeling of hope that made him stand his ground and retake the town from the zombies. But just when they’re shuffling through successfully, Jessie’s other idiot son, Sam, decides to pipe up and call attention to the group.
Yes, Jessie also gets her hand chopped off by Rick in the comics. But he does what he had to do. After seeing his last two family members killed, Ron pulled a gun on Rick. Before he dies, however, Ron manages to pop off one shot that hits Carl in the eye.
The wolf man escaped with Denise as hostage.
Although there were some scary moments including the near-death yet again of Glenn when he got himself into the corner as Maggie shouts and cries her heart out, it was clear that the showrunners simply wanted to toy with their audience. Jessie screams and she too is eaten. His head was in bandages and Rick talked to him while he was still unconscious.
Despite their losses Rick feels that their days of running are over and that they should just rebuild Alexandria and make it more secure. And I was so excited, because I didn’t know they were going to go through with it or not.
Despite Rick’s [Andrew Lincoln] best efforts to protect his son, Carl [Chandler Riggs] is shot in the eye. And for Carl, he’s going to see the world a lot differently as the result of this one incident.
The intense, unknowing, nail-biting tension of the open few moments was the flawless morsel for what was on offer in the shocking return for The Walking Dead to TV screens.
Michonne quickly joins Rick, and soon other Alexandria citizens join in the fight.
With the second half of “The Walking Dead’s” sixth season set to premiere this Sunday on AMC, The Spoiling Dead Fans are up to their old tricks.

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