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Poll finds strong support for Confederate flag among Trump supporters in SC

John Kasich has 10 percent, and jeb Bush and Ben Carson each have 7 percent.

Still, 29 percent of voters admited they may switch between now and the Republican primary on February 20, though 77 percent of Trump’s supporters said they are firmly in his corner and will “definitely” cast their ballots for him.
In fact 31% would support a ban on homouals entering the United States as well, something no more than 17% of anyone else’s voters think is a good idea. He holds 35 percent of the Evangelicals vote and 43 percent of the non-Evangelicals. In Tuesday’s PPP poll, Clinton led Sanders among black voters with 63 percent – Bernie only received 23 percent of that support. In each group of GOP voters studied, Trump comes out on top. The research group says data shows Trump has much wider leads in head to head contests with Bush and Cruz.
80 percent of Trump’s fans in the Palmetto State support Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering America, 62 percent want a national database to track Muslims, 40 percent want to shut down all mosques in America, and one-third (33%) think Islam itself should be outlawed.
PPP credits Clinton’s strong lead to South Carolina’s large African American voting base.
White millennial Democratic voters prefer Sanders, by a margin of 75 percent to 22 percent.
You can see the full results of PPP’s latest polls here. “There’s a pretty clear top 3 and bottom 3 in SC and if supporters of bottom 3 candidates decide to vote for someone who has a better chance Rubio is going to be the beneficiary”. The Democratic Presidential Preference Primary is Saturday, Feb. 27.
Overtime notes this is a bump of 5 points for Trump, 13 points for Kasich, and 5 points for Rubio since their previous poll in early January, while Cruz has dropped 7 points and Carson 9 points.
Elizabeth Sanders is a Digital Producer for The Greenville News.

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