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‘Kindergarten Cop’ is getting a sequel after 26 years — here’s the trailer

We were a bit skeptical past year when Universal Pictures announced it was making a sequel to Kindergarten Cop – WITHOUT Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The original Kindergarten Cop, of course, starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a police detective who goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher in order to catch a drug dealer. Whether it’s a sequel or a remake, though, one thing seems certain: It does not look like a very good movie! The movie will be straight-to-DVD, available starting May 17. The comedy also stars Bill Bellamy (White Collar, Royal Pains), Sarah Strange, (White Noise, Level Up) and Aleks Paunovic (This Means Way, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters) along with an ensemble of young actors. The studio teases that the film, “is bursting with laughs for the entire family”.
“Kindergarten Cop 2″ hits DVD and Digital HD on May 17th, in case you are wildly curious.
Kindergarten Cop 2: The Reimagining stars Lundgren as Agent Reed (we hope that’s his first and last name), who must go undercover in a kindergarten classroom to recover a stolen flash drive.
The screenplay was written by David H. Steinberg and Murray Salem, along with Herschel Weingrod and Timothy Harris.
Mike Elliott produced the project, with Dolph Lundgren serving as executive producer.

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