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Bush jumps back into presidential politics

Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday said Donald Trump’s openness to the idea of impeaching President George W. Bush for the Iraq war was “an extreme and radical position”.

The new attacks came as the race entered an increasingly nasty phase, with numerous negative ads airing on local television following an unusually caustic debate this past weekend.
Trump also took aim Monday at the Republican establishment, accusing the Republican National Committee of packing its debate audiences with donors – a move he claimed violated the loyalty pledge he signed in September vowing to run as a Republican and support the party’s eventual nominee. Additionally, the RNC should intervene and if they don’t they are in default of their pledge to me. Overall just 36% of Republican primary voters in the state are glad the North emerged victorious to 30% for the South, but Trump’s the only one whose supporters actually wish the South had won.
“It is very humbling and very sobering to have so many people who so deeply want their country to get back on the right track – so many people who are so concerned about jobs, about medical costs, about the everyday parts of life, and who feel that the elites in Washington and NY have no understanding, no care, no concern, no reliability, and in fact do not represent them at all”, Gingrich said in his victory speech. Ted Cruz’s (Texas) record so effectively, showing he can be aggressive without being obnoxious. “I want them to come together”, said Adrian Missana, a mechanical engineer from Simpsonville, S.C. “He can’t be held to account for his own words because he likely doesn’t remember from one day to the next what he says about anything because he has no core set of beliefs”.
Cruz isn’t backing town, telling reporters earlier Monday that Trump was aligning with Democrats after he used the debate to blame former President George W. Bush for trouble in the Middle East.
Cruz responded to Trump during a question-and-answer in Camden, characterizing Trump as nervous about his standing in the state.
Without mentioning Trump by name, the 69-year-old George W Bush left no doubt he was talking about the NY billionaire who uses incendiary rhetoric at his campaign events. He gets very, very upset.
If Jeb is successful at snatching third place here in South Carolina (Trump and Cruz’s margins are far too high for anyone to hope to puncture), it will be to the GOP Establishment’s detriment.
But at the same time, Graham did have a point here, when he said: “The mainstream Democratic party opposition to Bush did not go where Donald Trump went”. But he also appreciates Trump’s willingness to tell the truth no matter what. And as a real shock to people, I have become an oil painter. “We can’t take a chance”.
How could Bush campaign for Trump after the charges that George W. Bush didn’t keep the country safe on 9/11 and blundered into the Iraq war?
The former president acknowledged the feelings among voters that Trump is tapping into, saying, “I understand that Americans are angry and frustrated but we do not need someone in the Oval Office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration”, according to NJ.com.
Groups supporting Mr Bush are expected to spend $12?million (pounds 8.3?million) on television and radio advertisements in SC, which goes to the polls on Saturday, many of them attacking other candidates.

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