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'Queer As Folk' Creator Returns With New Series

And no, it's not science-fiction related, like we've had from him before

Russell T. Davies is returning to the premium cable channel that helped make him a name in the United States in the first place.

Davies, who recreated his popular British series "Queer As Folk" for Showtime, is returning to that channel with a new show that is not about science-fiction, but is instead about gay men.

The show, called "Cucumber," is now in development between Davies and BBC Worldwide Productions. The project was not exactly a secret, as it had been rumored for quite a while, mostly under the original working title of "MGM: More Gay Men."

Unlike his original Showtime hit, however, these lives are not going to be about the young (and sometimes too young) and the handsome. Instead, it's going to focus more on older gay men and some of their jealousy to the types of characters that would've been found in the original "Queer As Folk."

The story has apparently been in development for some time, with Davies even talking about it in 2007 to various media outlets when his other re-creation, "Doctor Who," was just starting to really gain steam. While he had been promising to do another gay-themed television show since "Queer As Folk" ended its run in 2005, Davies has been busy in the Doctor Who universe, especially with spinoff shows like "The Sarah Jane Adventures" (which has now ended production following the death of its star, Elisabeth Sladen) and "Torchwood."

That show just premiered its fourth season on Starz in the United States.

While fans wait for "Cucumber," they can see Davies at work on "Torchwood" Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Starz.

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