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'CSI: Miami' Loses Cast Member

Find out who is only coming back for a limited engagement

Adam Rodriguez is leaving the CBS series "CSI: Miami," but will make at least one appearance in the upcoming season when it debuts this fall.

Rodriguez, who plays Eric Delko in the series, will either return just for the season premiere, or possibly a multiple episode arc, according to TV Guide, meaning that it's highly unlikely that his character will die after being shot last season and left for dead by Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Proctor).

It's not clear why Rodriguez, who has been a part of the series since its 2002 debut, is leaving. However, he is definitely in the season premiere where the show flashes back to 1997 in an episode that focuses on Delko.

The episode also will feature the first appearance of Eddie Cibrian, who will become a regular on the show this season, as well as the return of Khandi Alexander.

Rodriguez has played a cop a lot over his career, beginning with a walk-on extra role in "NYPD Blue" in 1997 and soon after playing Officer Hector Villanueva in 20 episodes of "Brooklyn South."

He had guest roles in series such as "Law & Order," "Felicity" and "Resurrection Blvd." before taking on the character of Jesse Ramirez in 17 episodes of the UPN series "Roswell," just before landing the "CSI: Miami" gig.

"CSI: Miami" returns Sept. 21 to CBS.

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