Virendra Sharma, other Labour MPs to vote against Brexit bill

Yet the Bristol West MP looks set to ignore the instructions of her own colleagues by not voting in favour of the Article 50 bill contrary to the wishes of Jeremy Corbyn – who as a backbencher regularly voted against the party whip.
Ealing Southall MP Sharma said his constituency had “overwhelmingly” voted to remain in the European Union and he could not ignore their voices. I think Jeremy Corbyn should have given a free vote to people.”I have always said I would be minded to vote against Article 50 if it meant leaving the single market or something close to it”, Debbonaire told the Bristol Post.”Access to the Single Market and a legal commitment to ensure the labour rights, health and safety protections, consumer rights, and environmental standards we now enjoy are all key to my political beliefs”, Sharma said. “Article 50 should not be triggered without these safeguards in place”.The deputy leader said the party must take a sensible approach to dealing with the deep divisions among MPs over triggering article 50 to begin the process of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

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“On the announcement of the three-line whip on the Article 50 vote, I feel I have no choice but to resign from my frontbench role as shadow minister for early years”.The Guardian reports Alexander said she had taken action because she is “worried that the country is sleepwalking our way out of the single market – that would be disastrous”.”I expect this to be the most important vote I will ever cast as an MP and for me it is a clear issue of principle and conscience”.Hazarika told Yasmeen Khan: “I actually think [Corbyn’s] position is sensible, but I wouldn’t have whipped the vote”.Siddiq’s constituency had voted in favour of remaining within the European Union in the June 2016 referendum. We have said all along that Labour will not frustrate the triggering of Article 50 and to that end we are asking all MPs to vote for the Bill at its second reading next week. “In terms of the motion itself, three quarters of my constituents voted to remain and I intend to stand up for them throughout these debates”.