Touchdown! Watch Matt Damon Crash ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ as ‘Tom Brady’

The “feud” between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel is alive and well. The man who was supposedly Brady came out onto the set in full uniform, with the No. 12 jersey and helmet to hide his face. “He flew all the way out here from Houston”, he said.
The 46-year-old actor channeled Tom Brady as he made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night. “I kind of don’t ever want to take it off”. After a brief interview, Kimmel wondered why “Brady” wouldn’t take off his helmet.and that’s when the host exposed, as he put it on Twitter, “a snake”.When Kimmel mentioned the “Deflategate” scandal, Damon explained that he’s “not focused on the past”, saying, “I’m happy for my teammates”. As the audience cheered, he added, “I’m on the Jimmy Kimmel show!” “I’d rather just keep it on”.And at least this time, Kimmel let Damon stay for the entire interview, without running out of time.

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“I won the Super Bowl and I won your stupid show!” he added.Kimmel had a ready retort: “Unless you’re on the couch, you’re not a guest on the show”.”I’ve worked so hard for this and, you know, all the years of – I think it’s 14 years of being in the dressing room and thinking, ‘I’m gonna get out, ‘ and we never gave up”, Damon joked.Then in September 2006, Damon appeared on the show and had a much talked about staged blow-up and the two have been going back and forth since.