Thousands turn up to ‘Invasion day’ protests in major cities

For many Aborigines, who trace their lineage on the island continent back 50,000 years, January 26 is “Invasion Day”, the anniversary of the beginning of British colonisation of their lands and their brutal subjugation. It isn’t a day where all Australians can celebrate.
“The date itself is much less important than what you do on Australia Day and what you say”, Turnbull added.The protests come at a time when right-wing nationalist politics is on the rise in Australia, similar to the United States and Europe, and there is little political appetite to tackle aboriginal rights issue.VIOLENCE flared between police and those protesting Australia’s so-called “Invasion Day” after a man was spotted trying to set fire to the country’s flag.January 26 is Australia’s national holiday and while it was created to be a day that celebrated the nation, it has become a controversial date especially that has divided the nation. The concept is really disrespectful to Aboriginal people.Dr Pettitt would not say how the council planned to recognised Australia Day next year but said it was unlikely to be the same as in recent years.’I refer to January 26 as Invasion Day.So, Australians, drink up and celebrate, and don’t let the hang-ups of the white-guilt crew ruin your day. In it, Northern Territory-raised artist Birdz rhymes: “Black lives turn to black matter / Clap sticks clap to the rhythm of a cocked-back hammer clap bang / Here go another officer locking up another one of us like a popular fun thing to do / Another genocide on the BBQ”.

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Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation it was political correctness “out of control”.More than 70 percent of Aboriginal people were killed by warfare and disease within the first two years of the British settlement.”Why do I think we should we change the date from January 26?”Like Christmas Day, Australia Day is a holiday where most can relax and socialise, and reflect on matters that are of importance to them.Now, it is formally marked with the announcement of the Australian of the Year – for 2017, the biomolecular scientist Alan Mackay-Sim – and a series of concerts, public events, and citizenship ceremonies.Thousands of Australians have staged protest marches across the country demanding that the date of the Australia Day national holiday be changed from January 26, a date that marks the establishment of the first British penal colony there and which has been renamed Invasion Day by Indigenous Australians.The date, however, appears unlikely to change in the near-term, especially without a consensus alternative with overwhelming community support.As such, the day is also known by some as “Survival Day” or “Invasion Day”.