The hunt for red panda

The search was launched on Tuesday after staff at the zoo in Norfolk noticed Sunny, a 19-month-old red panda, was not in the enclosure that she shares with Thomas, a male red panda.
Sunny was reported missing by the Virginia Zoo on Tuesday morning. Officials hope Sunny is still somewhere on the zoo grounds. Zookeepers say “Sunny” was last seen Monday at closing time. Virginia Zoo officials said that while red pandas are typically not considered to be aggressive animals, they, like any other type of wild animal, are unpredictable.The police department has loaned a geothermal camera to the zoo to help find Sunny.The zoo website also provides information on how Sunny could have escaped, where to look for her, and how far she could have traveled.”Hopefully it’s in an area that it can feed on bamboo”, Greg Bockheim, the zoo’s executive director, told the Virginian-Pilot.

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Sunny came to the Virginia Zoo (pictured) in May 2016 from Front Royal, the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute. He spent his Wednesday looking up at trees in the area around the Virginia Zoo.Red panda Thomas remains in the exhibit he shares with Sunny in the Asia – Trail of the Tiger.Red pandas have thick, reddish-brown fur and big, bushy tails that they use as wraparound blankets in chilly weather, according to National Geographic.The World Wildlife Fund estimates fewer than 10,000 red pandas are left in the world.The zoo asks anyone who spots Sunny to call the zoo hotline at 757-777-7899.