Obamacare: Hundreds of medical students rally to save Affordable Care Act

John Gaudet took time out from his medical studies Monday to join hands with colleagues as they formed a block-long human chain on Cedar Street with a call and response message aimed at Congress. Republicans routinely describe the Affordable Care Act as a disaster and a failure because coverage costs have continued to increase and insurers have backed away from state-run insurance exchanges.
The Washington Post has reported that the grassroots organization Enroll America – which aims to sign up as many people for plans through the ACA as possible – has had 30% fewer appointments to assist in sign-ups than during the 2015-16 enrollment period. “With primary care physicians often helping patients navigate challenges with their insurance, it is critical to understand their perspectives on the repeal of the act”, added Pollack, an associate professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.”I plan to follow up in a week”, she said.Amid increasing tensions surrounding President Donald Trump’s opposition to Obamacare, more than 150 people removed their white lab coats and laid them down into a “carpet” on the floor of Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center in Chicago.”Our feeling is the insurance companies will be back in charge, as opposed to having regulation on them”, she said.In response, just 15.1 percent of PCPs indicated that they wanted the ACA to be repealed in its entirety. She said it will defund Medicaid and represents “an attack on our most vulnerable patients”.

Month Layoff Takes Its Toll on Tiger Woods at Torrey Pines
Slow playing conditions also contributed to Tiger’s frustration with rounds taking almost five and a half hours on Friday. Tiger Woods struggled in his return on the PGA Tour since 15 months, putting up a 4-over 76 at Torrey Pines, San Diego.
Ray said she is concerned about people losing access to health care. The 2010 landmark law ordered everyone who could afford it to buy health insurance or pay a fine. DeLisser then held up her picture to put a face to those who will be impacted.”There are a lot of things we want to give voice to”. “I don’t think this is America”.According to Doobay, this location was chosen because the majority of medical professionals denounce the repeal of the ACA, despite the message perpetuated by the current administration and mainstream media.But Vincent Petrini, who speaks for the Yale New Haven Health System, said they are working with the American Hospital Association and others on the issue.Gov. Doug Ducey has said he would like to see any repeal come with an immediate replacement.Proponents of the ACA have also feared loss of coverage for young adults under 26 still on their parents’ plans, but Capito said those individuals would remain protected under the replacement plan.