Morocco readmitted to African Union after 33 years

The African Union has readmitted Morocco into the bloc 33 years after its withdrawal over the still existing Western Sahara dispute.
He said that member countries reached on consensus to let morocco to be a member again.Morocco whose bid to reintegrate the African Union was endorsed by 39 of the 54 AU member countries is officially a fully-fledged member of the African Institutional family after steady efforts to boost ties with African countries at the economic, political and security levels.Moroccan and AU officials announced the decision Tuesday from the African leaders summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Following an emotional debate at the 28th African leaders summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, member states made a decision to resolve the question of the disputed Western Sahara territory with Morocco “back in the family”.According to Al Jazeera, some member states opposed bringing Morocco back into the AU because of the status of the Western Sahara. “The Western Sahara is one of Africa’s last remaining colonial outposts”, said Molewa.

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Hazarika told Yasmeen Khan: “I actually think [Corbyn’s] position is sensible, but I wouldn’t have whipped the vote”. Siddiq’s constituency had voted in favour of remaining within the European Union in the June 2016 referendum.
However, SADR foreign minister Mohamed Salem Ould Salek said that “from the moment that Morocco did not impose conditions. we take their word for it and accept that Morocco be admitted to the African Union”.Some had feared Morocco would set the expulsion of the SADR as a precondition for its own return to the AU.”All the debates were focused on (the issue) that Morocco should respect the internationally recognized border of Western Sahara”.”Africa is indispensable to Morocco and so Morocco is indispensable to Africa”.”Now (if) Morocco is blocking (it) will be questioned by the head of states: why are you afraid of a referendum?”African leaders also called on the UN Security Council to “find solutions to the issues of human rights and illegal exploration and exploitation of natural resources on its territory, following the decision taken by the European Union on 21 December 2016 on the agreements signed in 2012 between the European Union and Morocco on the mutual liberalization of trade in agricultural products and fisheries”.