Mexico’s Pena Nieto, Trump speak by phone, to meet January 31

Crowds of Mexicans mocked President Donald Trump as they constructed a cardboard box wall and burned a paper mache statue of the billionnaire outside the United States embassy in Mexico City.
Trump also held telephonic discussions with the heads of two neighbouring nations – Mexico and Canada.During his USA tour, Lopez Obrador, who finished second to Pena Nieto in the 2012 presidential vote, plans to meet people of Mexican origin living in major cities, starting February 12 in Los Angeles, then to Chicago, Phoenix and others. Both the leaders agreed to meet and discuss about trade, security and immigration, he said.Trump’s inauguration was marked by subdued protests across Mexico. “What Mexicans are saying to Trump is that we do not agree with the construction of the wall”.Protest sign: “Trump if you are Christian, don’t crucify Mexicans.”

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Page said he did “nothing wrong” and his opponents were “pulling a page out of the Watergate playbook”. The report comes just hours ahead of Trump’s swearing-in as the 45 president of the US.
Mexico sends 85 percent of its exports to the United States under NAFTA and thus been rattled by Trump’s repeated vows to review or repeal the trade pact, and to build a wall on the border.Still, Mexico’s peso was the strongest-performing among the top 10 most-traded currencies after Trump’s inaugural address in Washington made no mention of the country.This month, Ford canceled a planned $1.6 billion factory in Mexico, saying it would instead invest $700 million in MI, after a similar move by United Technologies Corp’s Carrier unit a few weeks after Trump’s election win in November.On January 20, Donald Trump took over as the 45th President of the United States. He mistakenly gave Pena Nieto’s title as prime minister instead of president.Nevertheless, Pena Nieto is not in a strong position.