Manny Pacquiao: I’ll Box Conor McGregor If Floyd Backs Out

UFC President Dana White countered with a “real offer” of $25 million each, as well as splitting pay-per-view (PPV) revenue down the middle, to which Mayweather merely laughed at. This was in response to McGregor’s demand of $100 million to fight Mayweather under boxing rules.
The retired, undefeated boxing legend took to his Instagram and Twitter accounts today to read the hell out of the UFC star’s alleged $2.5 million net worth in comparison to his own net worth of $650 million.Since then, there has been speculation that he would return to fight if the right bout and offer came along – including a rematch with rival Manny Pacquiao.A super fight between the two stars of their respective sports has always been teased by the pair, but Mayweather has made his feelings known about what he thinks is a fair split.When McGregor travels for fights, he always needs to carry a passport for his shoes as certain states restrict certain materials.The picture claimed Mayweather’s fortune was a staggering $650m and McGregor’s a mere $2.5m.

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According to the same report, the UFC fighter has already submitted film of his gym’s boxing sessions for review by the commission.”I don’t know if they are taking it seriously. I’m a business man and it makes more business sense”, said Floyd.After laughing off the UFC executive’s offer, the ever-brash Mayweather couldn’t resist the urge to point out the fact that his figure was 10 times more than McGregor’s reported net worth.White said his company would build a card around the McGregor-Mayweather fight, including staging a UFC championship bout as the co-feature.Last year, McGregor was shown in a leaked footage having difficulties boxing against welterweight contender Chris Van Heerden of South Africa. “The last major fight that you were in [against Pacquiao], you left such a bad taste in everybody’s mouth that nobody wants to see you again”. “We’ll pay you $25 million, we’ll pay Conor $25 million, and then well talk pay-per-view and a certain number”.Either way, the potential match-up has stirred quite an interest from both the boxing and MMA community, and will most likely become the biggest fight in combat sports history – if it somehow becomes a reality.