‘I Am Setsuna’ (ALL) Becomes Nintendo Switch Launch Title

I Am Setsuna will launch digitally for Switch in North America and Europe alongside the release of the console on March 3, Square Enix announced.
I Am Setsuna is coming to Switch at launch as a digital download, according to SquareEnix.The Nintendo Switch version of I Am Setsuna will also feature an exclusive Temporal Battle Arena mode that will let players battle it out in a PvP arena.

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I Am Setsuna was also released a year ago on PS4 and PC. Now competitively driven players will have a reason to grind and level up their party, balancing gear and skills in just the right way. One such way they have incorporated this into I am Setsuna is through the game’s battle system, which is inspired by classic RPGs such as Chrono Trigger. Tokyo RPG Factory’s debut title delivers an emotional story of bravery and sacrifice along with powerful character development.I Am Setsuna places you in the narrative of Setsuna, a young woman from Nive Village who inherited magical energy from her mother.