Hillary Clinton Calls Women’s March ‘Important as Ever’ After Trump Inauguration

President Donald Trump called for a standing ovation for his campaign rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at an inaugural luncheon January 20 (video below).
Unfortunately for Mr Clinton, he didn’t immediately spot his wife’s fiery stares which eventually resulted in her looking away in disapproval.”I’d like you to stand up”, Trump said at his inaugural luncheon in the Capitol, as the Clintons received a standing ovation.Hillary Clinton’s final tally was just 72,000 shy of Barack Obama’s winning margin in the 2012 election, when he beat Mitt Romney.”The amounts involved, the favors done, and the significant numbers of times it was done, require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately”, Trump said in a campaign speech. It’s the same color she wore to the Democratic National Convention, and many noted that white was the color suffragettes wore when they fought for the right to vote.

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The Clintons, sources said, chose to attend Trump’s inauguration “out of a sense of duty and respect for the American democratic process”.And not only did Trump defeat her, he did it clapping along to chants of “Lock her up!” at his rallies.The former Secretary of State and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, were both at the luncheon, after attending Trump’s Inauguration this morning.”I’m here today to honor our democracy & its enduring values”, Clinton’s Twitter account posted shortly after her arrival.Afterwards, the two shook hands. Organizers of the Women’s March on Washington omitted her name from their list of 27 women singled out as “revolutionary leaders who paved the way for us to march”, perhaps because Clinton has voiced no plans to attend the event. That same debate unfolded with four of the women who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault in the 1980s, sitting squarely in the front row, placed there by Donald Trump and staring at her as the debate dragged on.