GoPro’s Karma Drone Is Back

It’s unclear whether the company’s move to recall the drone without a legal reason to do so will gain the company some much-needed karma (pun intended) after laying off staff shortly after the recall.
The Karma faces stiff competition from the widely-popular DJI Mavic, which is not without it’s own issues – it continues to face supply problems as a result of huge demand. Karma makes it easy for anyone to capture amazingly smooth, stabilized video during nearly any activity.As before, the Karma features a compact and foldable design that fits into an included backpack. It also comes with a game-style controller with an integrated touch display.Several videos revealed that the Karma drone was crashing back to earth while in mid-flight, and of course, it is risky for drones to be suddenly falling from the sky.

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New Karma functionalities will be available via software updates in the future. The stabilizer is available separately as the Karma Grip. Those who’ve purchased the Karma Grip stablizer as a standalone accessory can also purchase the Karma drone this coming April for $599.99. While the issue affected only “a small number of Karma units” according to GoPro, the company voluntarily recalled the device due to the potential for safety issues. You can now check on your favorite retailer to see if the drone has already been listed for sale. The company says that it has tweaked a few things internally and has restructured the battery latch.According to previous reports, the placement of the camera and gimbal on the Karma was the likely cause of the drone suddenly shutting down while in mid-air. Learn more about Karma HERE.However, analysts are reminding investors to note that despite last month’s 23% gain, it should not be a signal that the worst is over for GoPro, given the volatility of its shares in 2016. What began as an idea to help athletes self-document themselves engaged in sport, GoPro has become a mobile storytelling solution that helps the world share itself through immersive content.GoPro’s Karma quadcopter fitted with a Hero5.