Girl Scout Gets Brutally Honest About ‘Flavorless’ Cookies, Sales Skyrocket

She wrote the “Toffee-tastic is a bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland”, while calling the Samoa a “caramel-chocolate-coconut victor”.
Charlotte McCourt, 11, sent a scathing review of every cookie in an email to a family friend who ended up buying some boxes. In honor of a centennial of cookies for the greater good, the Girl Scouts have shared the first cookie recipe printed in The American Girl, the organization’s official magazine.After learning her dad’s friend, Mike Rowe, was a popular TV host, she made a decision to send him her reviews in hopes of scoring a big sale. She has now sold more than 15,000 boxes, and the video has more than 8 million views.

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“I love being honest with my clients”, McCourt wrote in her letter.Trefoils apparently “pair nicely with a hot drink” but are otherwise “boring”. “I give it a five for its unoriginality and its blandness”. More than 7,000 boxes of cookies bought will be donated to US service members. I give it a 9. Thin Mints fared much better and were given a nine out of 10 “for the delectable chocolate-mint combination”. If you don’t see a Girl scout to buy your cookies it’s easy to find a sale near you…visit and enter your zip code or call 1.800.236.2710 and we’ll connect you with a troop near you.