Brexit is definitely happening after MPs vote to trigger Article 50

The opposition Labour party has said it will not block the bill and, although dozens of its MPs could rebel, it should easily pass the second debate stage scheduled for next week.
And in a message to the people of Europe, he said: “You will still be welcome in our country, as we trust our citizens will still be welcome in yours”.But fellow Labour lawmaker Emma Reynolds urged MPs to back the Article 50 bill: “Those of us on the remain side might not like the (referendum) result, but we have to accept it”.Also on the vote, The National writes that Scottish MPs’ attempts to keep the country in the European Union have been “flattened”, after Labour and the Tories joined forces to give Theresa May the right to effectively start the UK’s hard Brexit.Members of Parliament debating Britain’s exit from the European Union.The Bill is expected to complete its passage through the Lords by Tuesday March 7 but if peers have made amendments, it will return to the Commons, where MPs will debate whether to keep the changes or get rid of them.Some 72 per cent of Leavers favour controlling immigration or not paying into the European Union budget over retaining access to Europe’s single market.Reports suggest that 47 MPs voted against the Brexit bill in defiance of the party whips, around a fifth of the parliamentary party.

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The government’s Brexit bill sailed through parliament last night with a massive majority of 384 MPs voting in favour of triggering Article 50.Former Treasury chief George Osborne, a pro-EU Conservative, said “to vote against the majority verdict of the largest democratic exercise in British history” would set Parliament against the people and “provoke a deep constitutional crisis in our country”.May is under intense pressure to push the bill through quickly, having pledged to trigger Article 50 by the end of March.Mr Davis told MPs he wants to see European Union nationals guaranteed “all the rights they now have” after Brexit.Earlier in the day, the government published the document outlining its Brexit plans.The vote in parliament came after opponents of Brexit launched a court battle challenging her government’s attempt to trigger the process without consulting parliament.Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, seven of whose nine MPs voted against the government, said: “The Tories and Labour have failed future generations today”.The singer shared the surprise news on Instagram, says The Scottish Sun, and posted a picture of her bare bump.