Arkansas Bill Banning Second-Trimester Abortion Procedure Heads To Governor

Only two states – MS and West Virginia – have similar policies. Bans in Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma have been put on hold due to legal challenges.
Missouri’s Republican-led Senate has passed a right-to-work bill to ban mandatory union fees.The procedure, known as dilation and evacuation, is legal in most states.The Arkansas Senate passed an abortion bill on Thursday that changes the regulations on abortion procedures.Hutchinson, who had promised abortion opponents earlier this week he would sign the ban into law, didn’t issue a statement after approving the measure. “It is one that no civilized society should embrace”, said State Rep. Andy Mayberry, R-Hensley, earlier this week, according to Arkansas Online.

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A lawsuit seeking to block the law from taking effect will be filed by the ACLU of Arkansas, the group’s executive director, Rita Sklar, said Thursday.The ban in Arkansas will not go into effect until April or May, 90 days after the Arkansas Legislature finishes its session.Abortion has historically been a contentious issue in the United States, but pro-abortion rights groups are especially anxious now that they are facing a GOP-controlled Congress and Republican White House. The majority-GOP House approved the bill earlier this week along similar lines.Planned Parenthood said that it will not back down from this “unconstitutional attack”. Planned Parenthood Great Plains provides high-quality abortion care and will fight all attempts by politicians to intervene in private medical decisions where patients believe only licensed medical providers should be advising them. “Saying we’re going to outlaw something because we disagree with the procedure, that is a medical procedure, is something we just can’t get seem to our heads around”.