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Tim Tebow Voted America’s Fifth Favorite NFL Quarterback

Tebow, who played for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets in his short National Football League stint in recent years, was declared as the fifth most popular quarterback, according to a poll. His very own Tim Tebow Foundation, “Night to Shine” sponsored the event. Tebow came in ahead of Eli Manning (6 percent), Russell Wilson (6 percent), Ben Roethlisberger (6 percent) and Drew Brees (4 percent). Tebow garnered seven percent of the vote.

Tebow, 28, sits behind only New England’s Tom Brady (23 percent), Denver’s Peyton Manning (16 percent), Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers (13 percent), and Carolina’s Cam Newton (11 percent) as the NFL’s most popular field generals.
At this point, we should question Public Policy Polling’s reasoning for even including Tebow in their ballot, but whatever. Before last season began, the Philadelphia Eagles invited Tebow to training camp as part of a four-man quarterback competition and he made it to the last round of cuts.
For what it’s worth, the survey asked who is your least favorite quarterback among the same list of choices?
As for Tebow, it’s probably a good thing he’s not a starting quarterback because once you have a starting job, everyone starts to hate you unless you win and Tebow’s proven he can’t do that in the NFL.
For his career, Tebow had a 47.9 percent completion rate for 2,422 yards, 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions.
Wait, that’s not true! Chip Kelly needs to sign him.

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