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Ryan Reynolds in talks for Mars mission film from Deadpool writers

If this pamphlet is indeed accurate, it’s possible Fox has been planning an R-rated Wolverine 3 for a while now, before Deadpool was a proven commodity.

Speaking exclusively to Empire for the Deadpool Spoiler Special Podcast, Reynolds spoke of the “endless” debates with executives at the studio, 20th Century Fox, over which supporting X-Men they were allowed to include.
Reynolds got straight in there with the most important questions for his old X-Men Origins co-star. Each previous X-Men related film, including Wolverine’s two solo outings, have been rated PG-13. According to the early reactions, the film is the kind of delightful, funny, and heartwarming underdog story we’re hoping for. As James Gunn predicted, studios are going to be emboldened to go R-rated for their superhero projects, following the smash success of “Deadpool“.
A photo taken at Toy Fair 2016 and posted by an imgur user revealed 20th Century Fox is anticipating an R-rating for Hugh Jackman’s final “Wolverine film, obtained by Comicbook.com”. But today we got word showing the strongest indication yet that R-rated comic book movies are making a comeback.
Kinberg would be credible enough as to what will work within the genre of the film. Taron Egerton, who made his feature film starring debut in Kingsman: The Secret Service, portrays Eddie the Eagle, and Hugh Jackman plays a ski jumping expert from Lake Placid who helps Eddie train for the Calgary Olympics. Finally, Wolverine’s claws can actually cut and maim people, rather than just bloodlessly killing them.
Wolverine 3 is set for a March 3, 2017 release.

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