People are leaving applesauce and broccoli at Antonin Scalia’s memorial – here’s why | Inside Blip 11111
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People are leaving applesauce and broccoli at Antonin Scalia’s memorial – here’s why

Earnest gave no clues about who Obama might pick but said the lengthy briefing materials included information about “some potential nominees” including career accomplishments and experience. Cory Gardner left open the possibility – ever so slightly – that he might consider a U.S. Supreme Court nominee offered by President Barack Obama, the Colorado Republican slammed shut any chance of that prospect in a radio interview with Dan Caplis on 710 KNUS.

Former President Ronald Reagan nominated Scalia to the Supreme Court in 1986, after Chief Justice Warren Burger announced he would retire.
Family members, including Justice Scalia’s widow Maureen Scalia, waited at the top of the steps to receive the casket.
Watch above, via C-Span 3.
In Indiana, we have a proud tradition of senators who have embodied that approach by looking beyond partisanship and giving full and fair consideration to a president’s nominee.
“I do believe that the nominee should get a hearing”, Sen. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden will attend.
Justice Scalia, 79 years old, died at a Texas resort last weekend of natural causes, authorities said.
Earnest declined to share the timetable the president has discussed with regard to the nomination selection process, but he did point out that the process took four or five weeks when he had to fill the seats of Justices John Paul Stevens and David Souter.
He was known as a leading proponent of conservative policies and an “originalist”, meaning that he was guided in his intepretation of the U.S. Constitution by what the country’s founders in the 18th century had in mind when they wrote the national charter.
Cruz echoed the opinion held by most conservatives in hopes that the next president will be a Republican, continuing the trend of a Supreme Court leaning to the right.
The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) in Washington, D.C. recently filed an amicus brief requesting that the Supreme Court overturn lower court rulings requiring Little Sisters of the Poor and other faith-based organization to obey an abortion pill mandate or be subject to fines. There is still time to make a nomination and confirmation of a justice during Obama’s term.
“It’s pure applesauce”, Scalia said of the court’s reasoning in last year’s King v. Burwell case regarding Obamacare subsidies, which were upheld by the court in a 6-3 decision. “In order to get this done, the president is not going to be able to go out, nor would it be his instinct anyway, to pick the most liberal jurist in the nation and put them on the court”.

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