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Fans outnumber protesters at anti-Beyoncé rally

Beyonce performs during halftime in Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., on February 7, 2016. In regards to Beyonce’s “Formation” record, the Run The Jewels rapper revealed that the conversation in the song wasn’t meant for white people.

It was either the protest that never was or the one that folks decided they no longer cared about. “They had no warning”, begins the trailer.
On Tuesday morning, a call to protest Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance at the National Football League headquarters in Manhattan was a bust.
The musical superstar debuted her brand new single at the Superbowl with an incredible performance for an even more incredible and important song, but some people were confused.
That followed with various news clips of reporters announcing that Beyonce was “embracing her black heritage”. The media latched onto the “Anti-Beyonce Protest Rally” posted to Eventbrite, during which people were supposed to demonstrate against Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers and Queen Bey’s “race-baiting stunt” during the big game.
About three dozen anti-anti-Beyonce demonstrators gathered on the sidewalk, but felt let down when their opposition didn’t materialize, reports CBS New York. The song’s music video explicitly addresses America’s epidemic of racially-motivated police brutality.
The halftime show – seen by an estimated 112 million people – is drawing praise from her fans and consternation from critics. Then, another protester by the name of Ariel Kohane joined the scene, saying he apparently heard the wrong song; because he believes “Formation” is a song declaring violence on the police. At one point during their routine, the dancers formed an “X” on the field, which some people are taking as a tribute to slain black activist Malcolm X.
Lyrics include: “You might just be a black Bill Gates in the making, cause I slay”.
Later, Bedunah responded, “I understand her perspective; I definitely do”.
Video of Killer Mike speaking on Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and the Black Panthers, can be found below.

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