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President Barack Obama Takes Steps To Combat The Increased Flooding Problems Responsible For 90 Percent of U.S. National Disasters

President Barack Obama is defending his Federal Flood Risk Management Standard from lawmakers who are seeking to either delay or soften some aspects of the standard according to Politico. Obama’s Flood Risk Management Standard, written in 2015, is really just an update of Jimmy Carter’s 1977 directive, designed to ensure the safety of all federal


Hurricane Matthew Nears US Coasts: Residents Told To Evacuate

Southeast U.S. citizens are gathering supplies and fleeing from the approaching Hurricane Matthew while state politicians are saying to prepare for the worst. The hurricane devastated homes and has killed at least 11 people upon striking Haiti and the Dominican Republic on Tuesday. As one of the largest storms in a decade, it is forecast


Watch Hurricane Matthew Coverage Live Online: Find Streaming News Video, Live Updates, And Tracking Map As Major Storm Makes Landfall

Hurricane Matthew is set to bear down on Florida, and those who want to track the storm from out of harm’s way will have plenty of opportunities to watch news coverage of the storm live online, check out evacuation and weather alert updates, and even see live-streaming video as the storm makes landfall. The hurricane


Hurricane Matthew: Monster Storm Could Hit Florida Twice Due To Projected Boomerang Path

As Hurricane Matthew bears down on Florida, forecasters reveal that the situation may be more dire than originally expected. Meteorologists say that Hurricane Matthew could make an extremely rare U-turn and hit Florida twice. Forecasters fear that Hurricane Matthew will make landfall in Florida as a Category 4 hurricane before working its way up the

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