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Alien Contact Danger: METI Readies Signal To Nearest Star As Scientists Warn Of Possible Hostile Recipients

The scientific organization METI (Messaging ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) is gearing up for its first ever broadcast into space, hoping to contact another intelligent entity and discover that humanity is not only not alone in the universe but shares it with at least one other intelligent alien species. But not everyone, including renowned futurists and esteemed scientists,


Pluto, Jupiter’s Europa And Mercury: Alien Life On These Incredibly Mysterious Planets?

Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are three planets that have puzzled astronomers and alien life hunters for decades. And this is because there has been little information gathered about them, given their distance from Earth and technological limitations. That said, the three planets have recently been found to have properties that can sustain life. And this


Lunar Lava Caves Might Offer Shelter For First Moon Colony

Lunar caves hollowed out by ancient lava flows might offer humanity the perfect place to establish the first base on the moon, according to researchers from Purdue University. Geophysicist Dave Blair and his university colleagues theorize that there could be huge caverns under the moon’s surface hollowed out by rivers of molten rock that may


U.S. To Approve First Private-Sector Moon Mission

The U.S. government will soon grant a private-sector start-up permission to conduct their own moon mission. The announcement follows news that Congress wants NASA to concentrate on the moon again, diverting focus from their plans to land on an asteroid. In the end, people might just be tired of waiting so long for exciting space


NASA Job Openings Are Coming But Applicants Must Be Willing To Relocate To Mars Or Eventually Proxima B

New NASA job openings could be available within the next 10 to 20 years. They will be looking for teachers, farmers, assembly workers, miners, technicians, explorers and surveyors according to a few recently published help wanted posters. Unfortunately, NASA applicants may have to wait for a decade or two for those positions to open up.

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