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Brazil Coup: Dilma Rousseff Ouster Called 'Farce'

In what has been described as a “serious blow to democracy” and a Brazil “coup,” President Dilma Rousseff has been suspended for 180 days amid what was described as a “corruption scandal” and a vote by the South American country’s Senate, on Thursday, to replace her with Vice President Michel Temer, as reported by The


Biggest Latin American Airline Becomes Latest To Suspend Flights To Venezuela As Crisis Worsens

Latam Airlines Group SA, Latin America’s largest carrier, said Monday that it will become the latest airline to cut all flights to Venezuela beginning in August. A day earlier, Deutsche Lufthansa AG says its three weekly flights to Caracas will be halted in June “until further notice.” The Chile-based LATAM Airlines says it had already


The Food Crisis In Venezuela Has Taken A Turn For The Worst

Venezuela Food Crisis: The Downward Spiral The current Venezuela food crisis can be attributed to the country’s dependency on its oil reserves over the last thirty to forty years at least, for which the price fluctuated dramatically in the 90’s making the government believe they could continue to sell it at a premium. This led

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