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Facebook Bans Writer Who Called Trump Supporters 'Nasty, Fascistic Lot'. Is Social Media Censoring Anti-Trump Rehtoric?

A Facebook user who called supporters of Donald Trump a “nasty, fascistic lot” and was temporarily suspended is accusing the social media giant of censoring anti-Trump sentiment, The Guardian is reporting. Kevin Sessums is a British blogger and journalist, known for celebrity pieces, best-selling memoirs, and his work for Vanity Fair. He claims that he


Facebook Is Reducing Clickbait In Your News Feed: And You Can Probably Guess How They're Doing It!

Facebook announced on Thursday the company has taken a major step in decreasing clickbait that appears on your News Feed. The social media giant defines clickbait as any headlines withholding information in an attempt to lure a user’s click. Facebook’s Alex Peysakhovich, research scientist and behavioral economist, and Kristin Hendrix, user experience researcher, issued a


Facebook Considering Changing Trending Topic System Due To Human Influence; Is Editor Political Bias Showing?

It appears that Facebook may be changing the way trending topics are chosen. There’s been some controversy as to the news that has been chosen to show up on Facebook’s trending list, and there’s speculation that the editors are to blame. In a report by Mashable, it’s being noted that Facebook is looking into tests


Facebook Photo Theft: Mother Of Disabled Children Starts Online Petition To Stop User Impersonation, Gets 130K Supporters

A mother of two disabled children is apparently taking a stand against Facebook photo theft by starting an online petition. Kansas resident Gwen Hartley used, a popular website for starting and supporting online petitions, to get the ball rolling earlier this year. According to its title, the objective of the online petition is to


Twitter FindFace App: Facial Recognition Software Allows You To Find People's Faces, And It's Scary For Twitter Security/Privacy

Facial recognition service FindFace, powered by Ntechlab, announced Thursday that the program has integrated with Twitter. Users can snap a photo with their smartphone camera and upload it to FindFace, which is often described as “Shazam for people.” The app will scan Twitter’s database of 313 million active users (according to Twitter’s “About Us” page)


Mark Zuckerberg Comments On Philando Castile Video As Facebook Gives Update On Live Video Standards

Mark Zuckerberg commented this week after Diamond Reynolds took to Facebook’s live video feature to broadcast the police shooting of her fiancé, Philando Castile, which happened in front of their young daughter. Diamond Reynolds' four year old daughter comforted her mother saying "It's okay." But is it? — EBONY MAGAZINE (@EBONYMag) July 8,


Instagram Photos Show Signs Of Depression? Study Analyzed Instagram Photo Details To Screen For Depression

Can the details of Instagram photos show signs of depression? That was the question asked and apparently answered by two researchers who conducted a study targeting Instagram photos as being good indicators of an individual’s mental health. Andrew Reece from Harvard University and Chris Danforth from the University of Vermont worked together on a study

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