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'Fairly Legal' Focuses On Character, Depth In Season 2

EXCLUSIVE: Showrunner shares insights on the fresh direction of the show's sophomore outing

Anton Cropper, who is the director, producer and creative head of "Fairly Legal," recently detailed his vision for this new season of the adventures of Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi), whimsical lawyer-turned-mediator, and the incredible cast of characters she sweeps into her whirlwind of conflict resolutio ...

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'Fairly Legal' Spices Pot With Talent From Down Under

Newcomer Ryan Johnson brings Aussie verve and nerve to USA Network

Surrounded by digital media journalists at a recent set tour, Ryan Johnson looks completely at ease taking questions from right, left and center field, with no hint that his new role as Ben Grogan in the new second season of "Fairly Legal" is his first big project in North America. With numerous ...

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