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Saudi Women Take Stand Against Male Guardianship, Oppression

Saudi women have taken a historic stand against the practice of male guardianship and institutional oppression in the Persian Gulf state of Saudi Arabia. More then 14,000 Saudi women have signed a petition to end the practice, which has been criticized by human rights advocates within Saudi Arabia and around the world. Male guardianship of


US Helicopters Strike ISIS: Apache Gunships Engage, Take Out ISIS Target For The First Time

In the move to take back the city of Mosul in norther Iraq, US Apache gunships, combat helicopters that had as yet to be employed, engaged and “effectively” eliminated an ISIS target for the first time since their deployment, the Defense Department has announced. Defense Secretary Ash Carter told reporters that the Apache helicopters were


US State Department: Iran May Have Detained Another American; Possible Link to International Nuclear Debate?

Has the country of Iran secretly detained another American citizen? Reuters is reporting that the U.S. Department of State is investigating recent reports that the Middle Eastern country has arrested a U.S. citizen of Iranian descent for unknown reasons. “We’ve seen reports of the detention [in] Iran of a person reported to be a U.S.


Netanyahu: Iran Denies And Mocks The Holocaust While It Plans Another

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently slammed Iran for holding a Holocaust cartoon contest which he says Iran denies and mocks the Holocaust while it plans another Holocaust against the Jews. Iran holds an international Holocaust cartoon contest which some claim denies that the Nazi genocide of millions of Jews ever happened. According to The


Disturbing ISIS Rewards Program: Extremist Snitches On Brother, Gets 3 Christian And Yazidi Slaves

A captured ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) fighter has revealed that the Islamic State now offers a reward to its extremist members for snitching on defectors and/or deserters. According to the militant, ISIS is now giving its fighters slaves for providing information about those who would leave its ranks. In fact, the captive


ISIS Militants Abandon Fallujah Security Checkpoint, Iraqi Forces Take Over City That Had Been A Stronghold For The Terrorist Group

Iraqi forces have tightened their control over Fallujah, which had long been a major stronghold for Islamic State (ISIS) militants, by capturing the main hospital Saturday, The Washington Post is reporting. Elite Special Forces had stormed the building used as a base for the militants and encountered little resistance. Fallujah was the first Iraqi city


Google Maps Says 'Palestine' Never Removed, Was Not Labeled

Google Maps was hit with intense online backlash earlier this week when Middle Eastern media began to report that Palestine had been removed from the digital atlas. There was just one problem, though: Google had never featured the name “Palestine” as a country on the map at all. In a statement, the company did say

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