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ISIS War Crimes: 15,000 Dead In 72 Mass Graves Documented In Survey, And They Are Just Getting Started

ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) members will undoubtedly face war crimes charges following their tenure as a territorial entity in Iraq and Syria, and an extensive survey conducted by the Associated Press that found 72 mass graves containing over 15,000 bodies will help in the prosecution of those brought up on charges. Although


Feminism In Pakistan: 'Light Beating' Of Wives Recommended For Offenses Like 'Speaking To Strangers'

Feminism in the Middle East has progressed more slowly than many other regions in the world, and a new recommendation in Pakistan by the country’s Islamic Council illustrates just how strongly these gender roles still shape women’s lives there. The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) recently released a set of recommendations that call for men


ISIS Shreds Prisoner With Artillery Gun In Sick Video Execution

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) released another atrocity-laden video to the internet this week, this time depicting a helpless prisoner being executed with a gun normally used to fire at military vehicles, aircraft, and buildings. The prisoner, supposedly a member of the New Syrian Army, is literally torn to pieces under the hail


Latest ISIS Suicide Attacks Try To Force Division Against Iraqis

ISIS Claims More Suicide-Bombing Attacks The Associated Press is reporting on three ISIS suicide-bombing attacks against the mainly Shiite neighborhood of al-Rashidiya in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, on Wednesday, on the eve of the 58th anniversary of the overthrow of the Hashemite monarchy. A military parade is scheduled on Thursday when Iraq will celebrate


Iran Gunboats Swarm, Harass US Navy Ship: With Provocations Escalating, Is Iran Trying To Start World War 3?

With the close maneuverings of seven Iranian gunboats around the USS Firebolt over the weekend, the number of provocative harassment episodes against U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf by Iranian fast-attack boats has nearly half again the number of such actions in 2015. There is obvious concern among American military leaders over these close


Iraq Says Battle To Liberate Fallujah From ISIS Has Begun

The Iraqi Army declared on Saturday that the operation to take back the center of Fallujah from ISIS has begun. The major city center is considered to be the ISIS stronghold in the western province of Anbar. The Iraqi Defence Ministry says its Counter Terrorism Service (CTS), Iraq’s best-trained and most battle-hardened units, have surrounded


In Iran, A Man Who Blinded A 4-Year-Old Girl With Acid Got His Own Eyes Gouged Out In A Literal 'Eye-For-An-Eye' Punishment

An Iranian man who blinded a 4-year-old girl has himself been blinded in a punishment described as a literal “eye-for-an-eye” form of retribution for the young victim. As the Daily Mail reports, the unidentified man threw acid on a 4-year-old girl in 2009. The specifics of the crime are not clear, and it has not


Saddam Hussein's Executioner Returns With Protesters To Put Political Pressure On Iraqi Government

As the Iraqi government continues to force the Islamic State out of their Iraqi strongholds, the terrorist group have increased their suicide bombing attacks in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq over the past few months, causing devastation and much frustration among state officials. The Iraqi government has been working to try and secure as much


Sarah Netanyahu To Be Indicted For Fraud

Reports released today confirm that the Israeli Police have sufficient evidence to recommend indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sarah, for fraud. The Prime Minister himself is no longer suspected of wrong doing in this case, but a senior staffer in his office, Ezra Seidoff, and Avi Fahima, an electrician who did work in the

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