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Orlando, The Stonewall Riots And The History Of Attacks On Gay Nightclubs Illustrate The Intersectionality Of Homophobia In America

From this morning’s horrific Orlando nightclub shooting to the legendary Stonewall Riots that sparked a revolution in LGBTQ rights and activism in America nearly a half century ago, there is an unfortunate history of violent attacks against the LGBTQ community in what is typically their safest enclave – the gay nightclub. The fact that these


Transgender Marine First To Come Out Since Military Policy Change, Now Serving Country As A Man

Lance Cpl. Aaron Wixson is one of the first transgender marines to serve while transitioning from female to male. On October 1, the military changed from the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that was in force during the Clinton administration to an open one. Military personnel can transition while serving if they follow the correct


Barack Obama Administration Bans Transgender Discrimination – Under Obamacare, HHS Dept. Will Extend Healthcare Irrespective Of Gender

The Obama Administration has effectively banned any transgender discrimination. Under Obamacare, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will extend all health programs irrespective of the gender identity. All discrimination stemming from gender identity will have to cease, signaled Barack Obama through a new rule that bans discrimination against transgender people. In fact, all


Uganda Police Arrest 8-Year-Old Girl For Being A Lesbian

Police in Uganda have arrested an eight-year-old girl for “lesbianism,” All Africa is reporting. Authorities say a “concerned neighbor” called the police because she (the neighbor) supposedly witnessed the girl “luring” other girls to her farm and then would allegedly coach them in how to perform acts and having “romantic relationships” with other girls. Catherine


'Gay Cure' Conversion Therapy Banned In Malta: Becomes First European Country To Unanimously Approve Legislature Outlawing Attempts To Cure Homouals Of Their ual Orientation

Malta, a small European island country, has banned all types of “gay cures” or conversion therapies that promise to straighten the ual orientation of a homoual person. Any medical professional found guilty of pedaling such solutions could be jailed under the newly passed law. While Americans continue to remain skeptical of persistent claims about Republican


Islam Is OK With Transgender Marriages – Top Pakistani Clerics Issue Decree Granting Full Marital Rights And Protection

Islam doesn’t consider being transgender an aberration, ruled top religious clerics in Pakistan. For the first time, religious leaders in the predominantly Muslim country have put forth such a defining ruling that accords rights as well as protection to the transgender community. Top fifty religious leaders in Pakistan have jointly issued a religious decree or


San Diego Padres: 'Homophobic' National Anthem Sparks Immense Controversy

The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus was subjected to what they perceived as homophobic treatment during their rendition of the national anthem before Saturday’s Padres game, and the reactions displayed since then by both the Chorus themselves and the social media public have been explosive. GaySD : .Padres ​to host “Pride Night” 9/1 benefitting _sdgmc

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