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Banned From U.K., South Africa, Botswana — Anti-Gay Pastor Steven Anderson Outlines New Plan

Anti-gay Pastor Steven Anderson is referring to his Botswana mission trip as a failure, after being forcibly removed from the country. He hasn’t given up yet, though. He’s still seeking a surrogate to carry his religious beliefs through the country, and start a church that will promote them. In a recent video, Anderson explained what


Attorney General For Native American Tribe Cherokee Nation Passes Law To Officially Recognizes Same- Marriage

On Friday, the Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation advised that the sovereign nation of approximately 300,000 will now recognize same- marriages. The announcement came after a tribal court had only recently avoided making a definitive ruling on the matter, but the tribe’s attorney general said that in times gone by, the Cherokees had already


Massive Sao Paulo Pride March

Organizers of the massive 20th annual Gay Pride parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil, said 2 million people were expected to attend the event on Sunday. Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets to celebrate with dancing and dressing up for the parade. Twenty million people reside in the city. Hundreds of thousands turn


Anderson Cooper Breaks Down In Moving Tribute To Orlando Massacre Victims, Refuses To Mention The Killer's Name

On Monday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper broke down in tears while delivering a seven-minute tribute to the 49 people died in the shooting massacre at Orlando’s Pulse night club on Sunday, the Daily News reports. Cooper began the segment by saying that he decided not to mention or display the shooter’s name, choosing instead to focus


Population Survey Over Transgender American Shows A Stunning 1.4 Million, Doubling The Previous Estimate

Population survey estimating the number of transgender Americans was released on Thursday and the reports suggest that the number are stunning. At least 1.4 million transgender adults are living in America today and the surprising facts are that the number is double the previous estimate of over 700,000 transgender Americans from the survey held in

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