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Facebook Secret Messages: How To Check Your Other Inbox

In your Facebook inbox, your chat threads consist of friends you’ve accepted. From time to time, you will receive messages from people you’re not friends with and even from complete strangers. The social media platform has a “message request” feature that notifies you when someone who’s not in your friends list sends you a message.


Facebook Privacy: How To See What Facebook Knows About You

Facebook is actually collecting statistical information from their users to track ad preferences, according to an article from Fox News. Advertisement Facebook tracks what you click on or interests you specified and records that as your “interests”. These recorded “interests” are then used to rule out which ads to give specifically to your news feed


Google Removes Right-Hand-Side Desktop Ads

Google is making some major overhaul with regards to how ads are being displayed on desktop searchers, getting rid of them in the right-hand side of the results and transferring them into the page’s top and bottom sections instead. Advertisement The recent modification was first reported by The SEM Post, which was later on affirmed


Facebook Bot Store–The Full Potential Of M Revealed… I Think

When Facebook launched M last year it is widely taken by tech media as Facebook’s answer to Siri or Cortana, which is correct if not incomplete. While Siri is doing a great job delivering personal assistance to the iPhone device owner, there’s something Apple Store-level or even Google Search-level big about M and it isn’t


Is Snapchat Secretly Working on Creating Smart Glasses?

Snapchat has gone a long way from its initial launch in 2011. While the startup company started by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy while they were attending Stanford was initially focused on being able to send and receive disappearing pictures, messages and video, recent rumors have reported that the popular social media company is now


Facebook wants to get ready for virtual reality

Facebook announced today the launch of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), which is bringing together a coalition of Internet service providers and tech companies to focus on the engineering challenges of delivering high-res video and virtual reality. Facebook says it has created a team dedicated solely to researching and developing virtual reality for social networking.


Skype To Get Smarter With Bot–Why You Should Be Excited

Skype is getting smarter with the integration of chat bots into the messaging service, this as Microsoft introduced Skype Bot Program at its Build 2016 conference on March 30. Advertisement Skype announced a new ‘Bots’ platform in preview mode for developers and users of the iPhone and iPad apps as well as for Android and


Latest Search Engine Adswish Keen To Provide Better Search Results

Finding the right product or service online gets a step easier with the latest search engine, Adswish. It has promised to help with better search results for just anything one wants to find from anywhere in the world. This new digital search engine follows the Google search engine model for classified ads. Advertisement So, what’s


Snapchat Emoji Meaning: It's Not What You Think It Is

Snapchat has added some more fun to its messaging app by adding video and voice messaging features. The company has been updating the application to stand strong against its rivals. Along with these features, Snapchat has also introduced an autoplay feature for calling and new emojis. But people are wondering what these friends emojis mean.

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