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Homeless Veterans To Be Housed In Motels – L.A. Will Convert Run-Down 'Nuisance' Properties Into Efficient Apartment Systems

Homeless veterans will soon be housed in motels. The city of Los Angeles has devised an ingenious plan of procuring run-down, underutilized properties and convert them to create affordable housing. Los Angeles will tackle the issue of homeless veterans by acquiring “nuisance” properties like motels and creating 500 permanent structures. The apartments will be renovated


Missing 24: Jill Stein Supporter Isaiah Washington Calls For 'Stay Home September 26' Protest To Fight Police Brutality

Actor Isaiah Washington, known for his role as Dr. Preston Burke on Grey’s Anatomy and black separatist and activist Madelon Blue McCullough have started the #missing24 and #stayhomeSeptember262016 hashtags on Twitter and Facebook and “united” efforts aimed at “boycotting the very system that was built on the backs of black people here in America,” according


Aurora, Colorado To Use Marijuana Tax Money To Help The Homeless In These Ways

Aurora, Colorado will use one and one-half million dollars generated from a tax on recreational marijuana to help the city’s homeless population, and have now designated which groups shall receive the funds raised from the city’s recreational marijuana sales. The Aurora city council members announced how the funds will be allocated. Council members have allocated

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