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'World's Oldest Man' Reveals His Three Longevity Secrets

A Hindu monk in India who claims to be 120 years old attributes his longevity and good health to three lifestyle options, one of which is practicing yoga for two hours every day. Although not a publicity seeker, Swami Sivananda has applied to the Guinness Book of World Records to verify his status as the


Desperate Search For Nearly-Expired Kirkland Organic Olive Oil For Critically Ill Woman: Your Pantry Could Save Her Life

A Minnesota family has embarked on a frantic search for Costco’s Kirkland brand organic olive oil from last year or before in a desperate attempt to save the life of Johanna Watkins, a woman with severe, life threatening allergies to almost everything in her environment, including her own husband. URGENT, PLEASE RT: Expired Kirkland olive


Students At Seattle University Power Up Rural African Village [Video]

Seattle University students, working with the non-profit organization KiloWatts for Humanity, have designed a micro-grid to help people living in a rural community in Africa. The students are part of Seattle University’s Electrical Engineering program and have spent the last year involved in a project to bring power to a small African village. While major


Baby Delivers Itself Via C-Section [VIDEO]

Many people believe in the benefits of a natural vaginal birth, but most are unaware that there’s a distant cousin: natural Cesarean Section. While it’s true that there’s nothing natural about the uterus and overlying tissue and fascia being cut with a surgical instrument to get the baby from the womb, what is true is


McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Cause Burns And Rashes, Millions Recalled

Shortly after McDonald’s began giving out fitness-tracking arm bands in their Happy Meals, the fast food company had to recall millions of the devices. Complaints started pouring in claiming that the Step-It devices were causing skin irritation on the arms of the children. According to Gizmodo, the McDonald’s Step-It bands were wristband pedometers designed to

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