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Pokemon Go Mental Health Implications Are Groundbreaking

The Pokémon Company’s latest accomplishment, Pokémon Go, has taken the country by storm. As is the case with most of the games contributed to the Pokémon legacy, the newest game is riddled with underlying, real-life perks and copious consequential mental health benefits. Photo by Thomas Cytrynowicz/APimages Released just over a week ago, the game has


Brain Cancer Edges Out Leukemia As Top Killer Of Children

Leukemia has fallen second to brain cancer as the number one cause of cancer deaths in children according to new research from the National Center for Health Statistics. Since the 1970s, cancer deaths have been steadily dropping among children between the ages of one and nineteen. As of 1999, just over 25 percent of all


Facebook Friends Help You Live A Longer Life, Study Says

Here’s a reason to start accepting more friend requests on Facebook — a new study has found that people who accept more Facebook friends tend to live longer lives, The New York Times reports. While many people have condemned social media for its effects on our health and behavior, a paper published in the journal


Insight On The Average Life Expectancy In The U.S. : Obesity Doesn't Explain The Decrease

For as long as demographic data has been tracked in the United States, which included numbers like birth and death rates, the United States saw the average life expectancy increase each year by a small percentage. As medical research bloomed and new treatments for diseases were discovered, modest yearly gains in average life expectancy were

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