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What 'The Blue Zones' And Cameron Diaz Have To Say About Healthy Living And Longevity

“The Blue Zones” books are based on the initial five areas (which have since grown in number) around the entire world where the healthiest, longest-living people reside. Cameron Diaz’s new book, “The Longevity Book”, captures that same essence of healthful living comprising your complete body and life. Is it possible to do? It is already


Drunk Or Drowsy Driving Is The Same? Intoxication And Lack Of Sleep Are Equally Dangerous On Road, Claims AAA Study

Drunk driving has always been considered dangerous and deemed illegal. However, a new study indicates getting in the driver’s seat while feeling drowsy could be equally risky, and in some cases, riskier. Driving without a good night’s sleep could have the same effect of driving while intoxicated, claimed the study. Driving while drowsy is as


The Effects Of Marijuana Use Still Puzzle Scientists, New Government Rules Allow Expanded Study Of Cannabis

Marijuana remains a Schedule I drug in the United States, at least for now. However, the federal government has recently loosened some restrictions allowing cultivation of the plant to help study the effects of marijuana use, but many scientists do not think the relaxed guidelines go far enough. While experts disagree about the actual health


Crohn's Disease: Cause Found, Cure Could Be On The Way

Of all the forms of inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, Crohn’s disease is one of the most frustrating. Abdominal cramps, fatigue, fever, and mouth sores are only some of the symptoms of the chronic condition that affects nearly a million people in the United States. Worldwide stats are hard to find, but it’s probably safe


Black Students Less Likely To Get Mental Health Care Than White Students Says Study, Sparking Racism Concerns

A startling new study claims that black and Hispanic, children and young adults, are half as likely as white students to receive treatment for mental health problems. This study raises racism concerns because the racial and ethnic disparity exists despite the fact that both the minorities have a similar rate of mental problems as that

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