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Final Fantasy XV Gets Dressed in High Fashion

It’s time to measure how deep your fandom is with Final Fantasy XV. Advertisement So, have you ever asked yourself how much you can do to show love for Final Fantasy? Advertisement Well, now is the right time to do so. Outfits in the video game are now made available in real life. If you


Destiny 2: What Fans Want

Destiny 2 was announced by developer Bungie last week. Fans of the shooter were waiting for the announcement for a long time. Now that the announcement has been made, let’s look at the features the game desperately needs to fix what some call “a beta test” by Bungie. Advertisement       A Cohesive Story It is rather


Fallout 4 Humor: Watch Funny Scenarios And Dialogue In The Commonwealth

Bethesda’s inclusion of a sarcastic response during conversations in Fallout 4 has brought a lot of humorous conversations in the post-apocalyptic game. There are also intentional and unintentional funny scenarios that can happen in Fallout 4. Here’s some humorous scenes players documented in the Commonwealth.   Advertisement Fallout 4 Humor: Robot Sassed To Death What


Cutest Pokemon Plushies Put On Sale This May

Attention to all Pokemon fans and trainer wannabes! A new set of cute Pokemons plushies have been released. Have you seen them? Well if not, we will give you a glimpse of how these new Pokemons look like. But there’s something different about them. Can you guess what is is? Advertisement According to the report


Liverpool vs Manchester United – The Future

Two former giants of English football square off once again in the Europa League on March 11. Now, the fixture is always huge for the fans but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the teams have played more glamorous fixtures before. Advertisement The encounter serves as a reminder that both Liverpool and Manchester United


Top 5 Games to Play in March

March is here and it brings a myriad of brilliant games for you to play. Let us help you to make a sound decision. Here’s our list of top 5 games you should buy/play in March: Advertisement The Division Was there any doubt in your mind about The Division’s entry here? Well, one of the


Apple wins New York iPhone unlocking case

Apple has come out triumphant in an iPhone unlocking case registered in New York, as reported by CNBC. The victory’s timing couldn’t be any more perfect as Apple’s date with Congress concerning the San Bernandino iPhone unlocking case is tomorrow. Advertisement The federal judge ruled on Monday that the U.S government cannot force apple to

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