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No Brexit Say Three Million Signatures – Petition Calling For A Second Referendum Gets Enormous Response, Forcing Parliament To Reconsider

A petition seeking a second referendum on ‘Brexit’ has managed to garner nearly three million signatures. The petition has persuaded the British Parliament to reconsider their stand on leaving the European Union (EU). Almost three million United Kingdom citizens have signed an online petition pressing for a second EU referendum after the country marginally won


Vladimir Putin Remarks "Russia's Borders Do Not End Anywhere" As the World Braces for Implications

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has gone on record as saying that Russia’s borders “do not end anywhere.” The controversial Russian figurehead made this scary, seemingly almost imperialistic comment during an awards ceremony for Russia’s Geographical Society in Moscow. The group – which is led by Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu – hosted an event in


Switzerland To Start Paying Its Citizens? Swiss May Pay $2,800 A Month Unconditional Basic Income

The Swiss are discussing a bold social experiment: paying their citizens 2,500 Swiss francs ($2,800) a month unconditionally. The mountainous Central European country will vote on June 5 as to whether the government should start giving an unconditional basic income for all adults in order to replace existing welfare benefits and social programs. While the


Fact Check: Did Sweden Just Ban Christmas Lights To Appease Muslim Immigrants?

Earlier today, a story started going viral across right-wing social media that Sweden had just banned public Christmas light displays “to avoid offending Muslim immigrants” in the name of “safety.” According to stories from InfoWars and Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos (who, for some reason, posted the story on his personal blog rather than the


Pro-Brexit Cornwall Now Feeling Regrexit: Desperately Poor UK County Just Lost Millions Of Pounds In EU Funding

Within a matter of days, the United Kingdom has gone from “Brexit” to “Regrexit.” It’s not surprising. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the UK’s pound sterling took a massive hit after the vote. There’s also a very real possibility that the decision to leave the European Union could have triggered the end of Great


Italy Earthquake Victims: How To Help Them Wherever You Are

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck several towns in Italy early Wednesday. Accumoli and Amatrice were the towns most affected by the devastation. While rescuers have already started their operations, civilians can also support the victims of the disaster. Those in Italy can donate blood at the San Camillo de Lellis General Hospital in Rieti to aid


40 Children Hurt By Lightning In France And Germany

Close to thirty children at a children’s soccer match in Germany and about 10 children at an outdoor birthday party in Paris were reportedly injured when lightning struck this afternoon. A number of adults were also hurt. Some of the adults and children suffered serious injuries and are in hospital. Lightning Hits Paris Birthday Party


World War 3 Balance: Britain The Latest NATO Nation To Bolster Baltic States Against Russian Threat

With Russia conducting an endless series of military exercises and doing nothing to alleviate fears that it is poised to invade the Baltic States, the United Kingdom has become the latest of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) nations to send troops and war materiel to help bolster the organization’s most vulnerable members to try

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