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Euro 2016: French President François Hollande Warns Of Terrorist Attacks At Soccer Tournament

French president François Hollande warned Sunday that this year’s Euro soccer tournament, to be held in France later this month, could be subject to terrorist attacks. During an interview with a public radio station France Inter, Hollande conceded that the soccer tournament could serve as an opportunity for terrorists to attack, but reiterated his government’s


Could Brexit Lead To A United Ireland?

Brexit would put Northern Ireland in a very uncomfortable geographic situation. Its expansive border to the south would have to be guarded as an international border checkpoint, making the only freely accessible egress from the six counties a bridge to Britain. An even more alarming proposal suggested that Britain could also shut off Northern Ireland


World War 3 Drills: Yet Another Surprise Russian Military Exercise Prompts Fears Of Clash With NATO

The Russian military held yet another surprise massive exercise this past week, prompting Western officials to voice concerns about Russia’s increased aggressiveness and its propensity for conducting war drills that ready its forces for World War 3. While Russia claims the drills are simple exercises for defensive readiness and as responses to the build-up of


Germany Referendum? Far-Right Radicals Call For UK-Inspired Vote

Germany’s revered chancellor, Angela Merkel, is reportedly facing increasing calls from her country’s right-wing radicals for a UK-inspired referendum. People in her nation, mostly from the political far right, want “be free of EU slavery” following the UK’s historic vote to exit the EU. Merkel has emerged in the last year as the poster child

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