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Ancient Tombs Discovered In Egypt: 'Compelling Evidence' 4,200-Year-Old Site Could 'Hold A Pharaoh'

Archaeologists have unearthed what they say is “compelling evidence” of what could turn out to be recovered pharaonic tombs in Egypt, according to Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities. Researchers have uncovered an 4,200-year-old encroachment wall that is believed to be a supporting structure for the known tombs of the first upper terrace, but they still have


The Tarkhan Dress: World's Oldest Dress Dating Back Over 5,000 Years Is Most Exciting Archaeological Discovery of 2016

Many extraordinary archaeological events have taken place in 2016, but perhaps the most exciting one of them all is the dating of the the Tarkhan Dress, which stretches back to over 5,000 years. National Geographic reports how the Tarkhan Dress is an extremely rare find as no other articles of clothing have survived through the


Hobbit Fossils Found: Debate Rages Over 3-Foot Island Dwellers

Hobbits did walk on the Earth, but they are not what people expect. Scientists have completed studies on fossils found in 2014, and there’s already a debate growing about the 3-foot tall relatives to modern humans. The hobbits, also known as Homo Floresiensis, were about three feet, six inches tall. They had large teeth, no


Diamond Miners Find Gold In 500-Year-Old Shipwreck

Miners uncovered a 500-year-old Portuguese shipwreck complete with a treasure chest, in what’s being called “one of the most significant shipwrecks ever found.” The workers initially found the wreckage in 2008, but researchers only recently determined the true value of the find. The shipwreck is the Bom Jesus, which sailed from from Lisbon in 1533


Zika Virus: Gene-Altering Technology Provides Hope For Aedes Aegypti Eradication

The danger of mosquitoes has only recently been a widely-discussed topic with the Zika virus becoming a more prevalent threat in the United States. Scientists have a radical new idea that could eliminate the threat of the most common Zika-spreading mosquito, Aedes Aegypti, by totally eradicating the species. Unlike many proposals that garner scorn from


Antimatter Observed For The First Time, According To Report From ALPHA Researchers [Video]

Researchers with ALPHA, an international collaboration based at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, claim to have made the first ever measurement of antimatter on the optical spectrum, according to a report from The researchers used a hydrogen atom in their research because, with only one proton and one electron,


Oldest Known Fossils Discovered: 3.7 Billion Year Old Fossils Found Due To Global Warming [Video]

The oldest known fossils ever known have recently been discovered and scientists are giddy. Researchers believe that the fossils, discovered, ironically, because global warming melted some long-frozen snow in Greenland, could be the fossilized remains of ancient bacteria. If they are correct, the newly discovered fossils would be fully 220 million years older than anything

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