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Uber is Testing a Self Driving Car in Pittsburgh; Could This Vehicle Change Transportation Forever … Again?

Popular ride-sharing service Uber announced that it is testing a new self driving car in Pittsburgh. Scary? Uber doesn’t think so. The popular ride-share company noted in a recent blog post that the development of a self navigating automobile has the potential to make the roads much more safe for commuters. In a statement, Uber


Lyft Says Robot Car Future Is Fast Approaching

The landscape of driving will change significantly over the coming years, predicts Lyft co-founder and president John Zimmer. On Sunday, the company president published an article titled “The Third Transportation Revolution,” detailing his predictions for Lyft’s future and the future of cars. In it, he predicts the rise of the autonomous car as technology develops,


Ferrari Wants To Bring Brawn Back To Formula One While Ferrari Technical Chief May Exit

Ferrari continues to struggle in Formula One racing as they considered bringing back Ross Brawn to the track after suffering multiple losses on the track. As Ferrari continues to struggle, the technical chief James Allison is considering leaving after suffering the devastating loss of his wife in March to meningitis. Formula Spy reported that Ferrari


Uber And Toyota Just Announced A Major Partnership

Uber and Toyota are teaming up, and it could shake up the car industry. Toyota announced Tuesday it will be entering into a memorandum of understanding with Uber, the ride-sharing company, and the companies will explore how they can collaborate. Toyota will also be investing in Uber. The agreement will make it possible for Uber


Motorrad Vision Next 100: BMW Unveils Crash-Proof Motorcycle [Video]

Motorrad Vision Next 100 is the moniker of a concept motorcycle from BMW. The temporary name literally derives from BMW’s vision for the next 100 years. The iconic automobile manufacturer is celebrating its 100th birthday. Part of this celebration is an event called “Iconic Impulses. The BMW Group Future Experience.” Magazine Motorrad hosted the show

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