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Worries For PM As Poll Shows Australian Government Headed For Historic First Term Defeat

As Australia approaches election day on July 2, the incumbent government braces itself for what could be an historic first-term defeat for the conservative Coalition party. Polling has tightened to a virtual dead-heat as swinging voters are reportedly disappointed with Malcolm Turnbull’s performance as Prime Minister. Opposition leader for the progressive ALP Bill Shorten was


Domino's Pizza Forced To Pay $1,200 For 18-Month Late Pizza

Domino’s Pizza in Australia has been successfully sued for an undelivered order by a New South Wales lawyer. According to a report from The Guardian, Tim Driscoll, 30, a lawyer from Corrimal, New South Wales, ordered a pizza from Domino’s for himself and his friends for Anzac Day in April, 2015. Anzac Day is one