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Acie Lumumba Tape: Former Zimbabwe Youth Council Chair Says Explicit Video Was Leaked As Form Of Political Retribution

Acie Lumumba is facing a tape controversy, with the former Zimbabwe Youth Council chair claiming that police illegally confiscated a video of him having that was then released as a form of political retribution. Lumumba claimed that the tape leak was meant as a way to punish him for his falling out with the council,


Fatim Jawara: Gambian Women's National Football Team Goalkeeper Downs In The Mediterranean Among Illegal Migrants Heading To Europe

The death of Fatim Jawara, the 19-year-old goalkeeper of Gambia’s national women’s football team, who was heading to Europe via the Mediterranean, has put the spotlight on the dangers that migrants face in their quest to reach Europe illegally through the coast of North Africa. The Gambian Football Federation (GFF) confirmed the death of Fatim


South Africa Population Increases By 3 Million As Government Ineffective In Stopping Violence

As South Africa continues to struggle with farm murders, white genocide, a weakening economy and attacks against immigrants, the population of the country increased by three million since 2011. The state with the highest population is Gauteng while the Northern Cape is the least populated with 1.9 million. Times Live reported that the population of


Watch Ghana 2016 Election Coverage Live Online: Where To Find Streaming Video For Wednesday's Presidential Vote

Those who want to watch Ghana 2016 presidential election coverage live online will be in luck, with a few providers offering streaming video coverage of the voting for those unable to make it to a television. Wednesday’s election is seen as an important referendum on the Western African nation’s economy. The nation has suffered four


Farm Attacks In South Africa Increase As Farms Become More Dangerous, ANC Loses Support

With investment downgrades looming in the near future for South Africa, uncertainty has increased. The failure of the African National Congress (ANC) led government to deal effectively with farm attacks and murders has also contributed to the uncertainty. Farming in South Africa has become the most dangerous occupation in the world, and the government has


Ghana 2016 Election Update: Nana Akufo-Addo Jumps To Sizeable Lead Over John Mahama, Could Avoid Second Round Of Voting

The Ghana 2016 election appears to be headed to a conclusion, with an update on Thursday that challenger Nana Akufo-Addo is leading with 57 percent of the votes counted — putting him ahead of the threshold for a second round of voting. Akuf0-Addo had built a sizeable lead over President John Mahama in the early

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