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“Deadpool” responds to SNL petition with Kanye-inspired rant

The film, which is now officially the highest-opening R-rated film of all time and is the third most profitable superhero film, has won over hardened fans and passing fans alike with its hilarious blend of outrageous and explicit humour and the fact that Ryan Reynolds could make the phone book sound amusing.

By now, you’ve heard of (and probably signed) the petition to have Deadpool – the character, not necessarily actor Ryan Reynolds without the costume – host Saturday Night Live.
Fans just can not get enough of Ryan Reynolds getting in on the action, hilariously spoofing the infamous Kanye West-rant as Deadpool.
In an effort to explain why Deadpool won’t be hosting SNL, Reynolds uploaded a video to YouTube of his Deadpool character doing a spot-on impression of Kanye. He adds that he’s “50 percent more influential than M.C. Hammer” and “60 percent more influential than the iPhone 5″.
The original Change.org petition is now hovering around 68,000 signatures, only a few shy of its 75,000 goal. “SNL took my f-king ‘Life of Pablo” album without asking. “Are they f**king insane?” Andrew Stege who started the petition addresses the letter to Lorne Michaels, Ryan Reynolds, and NBC. 10 percent more influential than Barbara Bush, the Muppets, Bob Newhart.
That’s when his vent session began, where he called out “Stanley Kubrick, Picasso, Apostle Paul, f**king Picasso and Escobar” as people he’s more influential than. There is one thing even he can’t compete, however: “7% less influential than the Urban Dictionary”.

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